Coaching for Expatriates

You are an expatriate facing some issues right now ?

I can help you improve your mindset, boost your self-confidence and make the right decisions for your professionnal and/or personal life.

Career coaching

I help you find a job that matches with your character and values.

I give you the right method and a package of efficient tools to :

  • Draw your professionnal project
  • Meet the right people
  • Write a powerful resume
  • Conduct punchy interviews

I also help you understand French culture and mindset.

Life coaching

How to improve my life here ? Did I make the right choice/move ?

« Should I stay or should I go? »

This is not just a song, but quite a challenging question we often have to deal with when expatriated. It raises broader issues than just the professionnal level.

This is about life-balance, friends and family, personal achievements, etc.

I will help you listen to the different parts inside you which seem to express different, or even opposite, desires.

I will show you how to create a positive inner dialogue, in order to :

  • Clarify your path
  • Set your real priorities
  • Do the right thing to carry on your life and fullfilment.

I can also help you improving your self-confidence and develop positive management of your emotions.

Who am I ?

My name is Mathilde Habert. I live in Paris, married with a child.

I was born in Vietnam from a French-Asian mixed family. 

Following my diplomat father, I grew up in 5 different countries such as Lebanon during the civil war and Rumania in the Ceaucescu era,.

These quite intense experiences gave me very soon a strong cross-culture mindset, natural acceptance for differences, and taste for meeeting foreign people.

This personal background gives me access to a deep level of understanding of expatriates’ issues.

After graduating from top-ranked French high school, I became a consultant and speechwriter, I worked several years for international CEOs.

I am now working as a communication counsellor and executive coach for the corporate world.

I’m also passionnate about coaching individuals, helping people to reach their most heartfelt desires and goals.

Practical information

Certified in Generative coaching, I’ve been trained by Robert DILTS and Stephen GILLIGAN, most renowned US coach and therapist, authors among others of « The Hero’s Journey : a Voyage of Self-discovery ».

I am also trained in PNL, TA and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

My coaching sessions last 75 minutes and take place by Zoom.

Prior to your first coaching session, we get to know throughout a free 30 minutes visio interview.

Coaching sessions rates depend on your situation and specific issues.

Let’s get in touch and begin your path towards positive change in your life !